Finding the Christmas Spirit in Victoria, British Columbia

If you really want to experience the true warmth of the holidays having a Victoria, BC Christmas should be at the top of your agenda. Victoria is all about the music, the trees, the gifts and of course the parades.

With events incorporating the magic of the holidays Victoria, BC has activities for everyone, from the new born baby to the elderly grandfather. With lots of sights and sounds to keep the entire family engaged and activities that the family can do together.

After having a Christmas in Victoria you’ll never want to go back to your past Christmas routine after being wrapped up in the warmth and festivities that Victoria has to offer. You don’t believe me? Then let me paint you a picture of how Victoria looks during the holidays and you can decide for yourself.

Christmas Attractions and Events in Victoria, BC

While in Victoria, BC you should take the opportunity to visit Butchart Gardens – this is a major highlight of the season. With the splendour of holiday lights strung by the hundreds of thousands along its trees, these gardens also make way for great entertainment to enjoy. After your visit you may want to continue your site see by taking a horse-drawn carolling tour. While relaxing you get to see see the city’s sights and lights, and of course sing Christmas carols to keep the spirit of the season in the air.

If you don’t want to go with a crowd you can go it alone with that special someone, and cuddle under a blanket and just take in the experience. All you need with this ride to top it off is a hot cup of chocolate. These luxurious rides are nothing short of amazing.

Other places that you may want to visit as well are Oak Bay Village. This destination is decorated to portray a Christmas winter wonderland with great family activities, music and loads of food to choose from.

If you have children, staying for the Victoria Christmas parade would be a great treat for them, with huge decorated trucks acting as floats as they depict the meaning of Christmas. From reindeer pulling Santa to the baby in a manger, hundreds of persons line the street every year to see this beautiful sight. This is an annual event which also donates food supplies to the least fortunate, so before going don’t forget to pick up a few things to donate.

While You’re In Victoria, BC for Christmas

Don’t forget to pick up a few souvenirs while in Victoria. After all you’ll need something besides pictures to remember your vacation by no matter the time of year. With their extensive line of shops you can get great Christmas gifts all year round. From local markets to major shopping malls Victoria has everything that your heart desires.

It doesn’t matter your style since these stores offer variety from antique to modern day designs. This city is great even if you just want to stroll and window shop as you get a chance to get a glimpse at all their side streets with their quaint shops.

Souvenirs are not subject to the native city but to other exotic places such as Scotland, England and even Ireland. There display of jewellery, native art, handmade chocolates and of course Christmas goodies, you’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from these great unique places that not only capture your eyes but they tickle your taste buds as well.

Where to Eat in Victoria

If it is good food that you are looking for, you can be sure that you are going to find it in Victoria, BC.

  • Blue Crab Bar & Grill- If seafood is what is on your mind, there is plenty of it at the Blue Crab.  Enjoy the sites as you overlook the water and the nearby boats.
  • Blue’s Bayou Café- When hunger strikes midday after lots of walking this café is ready to serve you will great light meals and delicious coffees to keep you going for the rest of your day.
  • Deep Cove Chalet- If you are going out for a night of romance what a better way to get close to one another than overlooking the sunset and water as you enjoy fine French cuisine.

Where to Stay in Victoria, BC for Christmas

Looking for hotel to enjoy while you are here on the island? Here are a couple to take a closer look at.

  • Fairmont Empress Hotel- This hotel established since 1908 has a great tree show known as the Festival of Trees. With dozens of trees decorated beautifully by locals either business or organizations, persons are encouraged to vote for their favourite tree. If you are lucky you’ll be able to add to the festivities with a tree of your own as well.
  • Hotel Grand Pacific- A relaxing and luxurious hotel is always nice after you have had a long day of site seeing.  You can enjoy the balcony views that are available at the pristine Hotel Grand Pacific.

Nothing beats a Christmas in Victoria, great sites, great people and great food. This is the perfect way to treat yourself for the holiday season. Allow Victoria to show you the way in which a real Christmas should be celebrated. You can be rest assured that you’ll have great memories that you would cherish for a life time.

Photos by ChristinaT, Cindy Andrie, Jaypeg21, Tracy O