Christmas on the Gulf Coast: The Moody Gardens Christmas Extravaganza

Enjoy one of America’s best Christmas destinations with a trip to Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX, and witness the beauty of the Moody Gardens Christmas Lights. Known as the largest holiday event on the Gulf Coast, the many Galveston Christmas Lights are sure to make your winter memorable and fun.

Christmas Attraction and Events at Moody Gardens

Being the most renowned and major winter festivity in the region, the Festival of Lights in Moody Gardens is a two-month long festival with nearly 100 displays of illuminations and various other attractions. Plus, there is an outdoor skating ice ring and pleasing festivities such as an exclusive Christmas season musical, an around the clock ‘the Santa Claus’ and humongous display of fireworks. To say the least, Moody Gardens Christmas Lights display will leave you awestruck.

Specific to the Holiday Season, the Moody Gardens also features a unique and extravagant shopping experience in the form of Holidays Gift Market. There is a huge variety of products such as interior décor, Christmas candles, gourmet foods, winter accessories and a lot more to make the holiday season even more enjoyable. Also if you wish to partake in holiday delicacies, there is nothing better than the Festival of Lights Buffet – a matchless food experience that is open every night of the Galveston Christmas Lights festival.

While You’re Here at Moody Gardens

Even more entertaining and enjoyable is the three-pyramid experience of Moody Gardens. The Aquarium Pyramid, featuring nearly 8,000 aquatic species and illuminated at night with a blue neon hue, feels like walking in the beautiful blue ocean.

As if that wasn’t enough to make a memory, there is also the Rainforest Pyramid, which features a variety or rainforest species adorned with beautiful green displays and the Discovery Pyramid – the amusement park for traveling exhibits. The 4D dynamic theater experience with moving seats, coupled with the 3D IMAX theater, makes Moody Garden a pleasing and entertaining place to be.

If you are looking for something a bit more natural, there is also the absolutely exotic Palm Beach filled with white sand. With tall slides and a temperature-controlled wave pool, you can enjoy a summer-simulated experience at the Palm Beach. Moreover, there are fountain rides, splash pads and even spray arches to get your children running amok with happiness and laughter. If you are, conversely, looking for something more adrenaline-filled, there is the Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Water Park with water coasters and white water rapids to get your blood rushing. The best part – everything is temperature controlled to devoid any hint of winter when you are there.

What to Eat in Moody Gardens

Needless to say, the festival has a variety of delicacies that you can select from. From stalls to pirate-themed buffets, you can enjoy any type of food you want. However, if you are at Galveston, it is best to indulge in the local specialties.

  • La King’s Confectionery is a child’s candy dream come true. With almost all types of candies, ice creams and confectioneries, La King’s provides you with a taste that is inimitable and pleasing. From milkshakes to gourmet chocolates, anything you order at La King’s is bound to leave you wanting for more.
  • Rudy & Paco Restaurant & Bar serves one of the region’s tastiest seafood and steaks with a touch of South American flavor. You can also order Mexican specialties such as Antojitos or Doritos. The waiting staff is also quite friendly, and trying any deal of the day will make coming to Galveston a holiday tradition.

Where to Stay in Moody Gardens for Christmas

  • The Tremont House is an absolutely fascinating place to stay at; with its Victorian period architecture, spacious balconies and view towards the seafront. Unlike common olden constructions, the Tremont House gives room with 14 ft ceilings; avoiding the stuffy feeling of many old constructions. With amenities such as free breakfast, free internet, and a fully-equipped gym, the Tremont House is perfect for a weekend getaway stay.
  • If you are planning to stay a bit closer to the Moody Gardens Christmas Lights festival, you should definitely opt for Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center. With facilities catering to kids’ activities and a shuttle bus service, it is the best place for a family to stay at during the Festival of Lights.

Whether you want to make a retreat from the winter season with your loved ones, or contrarily want to partake in a fabulous celebration of the holiday season, Moody Gardens offers a unique & memorable experience.

Photos by rhaaga, rhaaga, KM&G-Morris, rlerdorf, Bleys of Amber