A Bavarian Christmas in Leavenworth, Washington

Once you experience a Leavenworth, Washington Christmas you will always carry the memory with you forever.

Situated at the foot of the majestic Cascades Mountains the town of Leavenworth looks like something out of a fairytale book. You would think that you are not in the United States anymore since everywhere you look, the landmarks, the stores, and all the buildings all have a Bavarian theme to them. This gives this little town a certain charm about it that you will not find in any other town in the US – a great option if you can’t make it all the way to Germany for Christmas.

The Leavenworth Christmas Lighting

The town transforms itself in December,when Leavenworth becomes a magical Christmas town that is simply bursting at the seams with the spirit of the season. And the one celebration that put Leavenworth on the map as one of the best Christmas towns in the world is the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting.

The annual Leavenworth Christmas Lighting takes place during the first three weekends of December. The countdown begins at 4:30 PM as stars go out and all of the lights start lighting that seem to cover the entire town. Nothing gets you in the mood for the Christmas holidays quite like quarter of a million lights basking an entire town in a warm glow.

While You’re Here in Leavenworth

A Leavenworth Washington Christmas experience is not just all about the lights and the town’s décor, there are lots of different outdoor activities that you can do to get your adrenaline pumping as well. You can go skiing at the slopes of the Cascades Mountains, or you can rent a snowmobile and take a cruise along the panoramic outskirts of the town. You can even go to ride in a dog-sled for a more rugged experience. Many of the Bavarian shops offer great deals and discounts, as well as special gifts and packages for the holidays.  You won’t be bored here for sure!

Where to Eat in Leavenworth

There are quite a few choices of dining establishments in Leavenworth, and not all of them serve Bavarian cuisine. Here are some choice picks:

  • Visconti – If you want Italian food at its finest the place to visit is Visconti. Tourists and residents alike enjoy eating at this first-class restaurant.
  • Los Camperos – If Mexican food is what you are yearning for then come over to Los Camperos. Though it seems out of place in a Bavarian-themed town, Los Camperos is still one of the best eating establishments in the entire town.
  • Munchen Haus – The main idea of the whole Leavenworth Washington Christmas experience is to immerse yourself in as much Bavarian culture as you possibly can, so there is no escaping eating their food, and the best place in all of Leavenworth that serves true Bavarian cuisine is at the Munchen Haus. You should definitely have your Christmas lunch or dinner here if you want your Leavenworth trip to be complete.

Where to Stay in Leavenworth

There are lots of hotels and B & B’s inside the town and along the outskirts, and every one of them guarantees that you will have a great Leavenworth Washington Christmas. Just be sure to book your rooms well in advance because they do tend to fill up quickly during the Christmas season.

Adventure Innsuitable whether you do or don’t like adventure, this clean and comfortable hotel has a superb location.  Rooms have additional amenities like fridges and microwaves.

Aspen Suites – these condominiums are very popular with frequent visitors to Leavenworth because of their great amenities, including hot tub and excellent furnishings.  It’s great for couples on a romantic retreat, or families with lots of needs.  Great value too for the price.

Even though most tourists only plan to stay in town long enough for the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting, they find themselves staying a bit longer because of all the fun activities and charming places to visit in this little mountainside village.  It’s wonderful every month of the year, but certainly a fantastic place to travel for Christmas.

Photos by travelweaver.