Belgium Christmas Markets

Belgium Christmas Markets

Once a year, a breathtaking place like Belgium — a splendid destination, filled with rich histories that gives unique character to the country’s tradition, culture, and arts — drowns in a sea of exquisite lights, grandiose offerings, and colourful stalls. The country celebrates the yuletide season, and it does so tastefully: Belgium Christmas markets are beautiful tapestries, mixing shopping, aesthetic, dining and entertainment needs that render Christmas celebrations memorable. Belgium Christmas markets often operate from November until the early days of January, which enables Belgian families and visitors alike to lengthen their wonderful experience of a momentous season.


One of the most anticipated Belgium Christmas markets is located in the “Venice of the North”, Bruges. The medieval town, known for its canal system, provides a picturesque backdrop for the Christmas market. It offers a special glimpse into Belgium Christmas markets through its romantic, traditional atmosphere. The Ice Sculptor Festival, canals, cobbled streets, charming streets, and marvellous medieval architecture are more than enough reasons to indulge in Bruges, but its Christmas market only adds more spice to what the place has to offer. Elegant and traditional stalls, the outdoor ice skating rink, handmade arts and decors, and other interesting shopping finds and luscious, chocolate treats await enthralled visitors.


Brussels Christmas Market is one of the largest among all Belgium Christmas markets, located at the Grand Place and popularized by the colourfully-illumined streets, with the diverse and masterful architecture of the city with its several museums that serves as its artful backdrop. It is also one of the well-loved Christmas markets because the metropolis holds one of the largest winter festivals in the whole of Europe. Like most Belgium Christmas markets, it is a warm and welcoming space, adorned with an ice skating rink and other fun rides, several stalls that specialize in selling arts, crafts, and delectable Belgian cuisine that make for a worthwhile shopping adventure.


Interestingly, Liege consists of a whole Christmas village within its premises that form one of the biggest Belgium Christmas markets. It heralds the yuletide season with over 100 unique stalls and chalets stretched along scenic streets. Sparkling with thousands of fairy lights and decors, stalls filled with tempting sweets, crafts, and other presents designed for people of different ages, and an ice skating rink; the Christmas village unsurprisingly attracts approximately a million visitors, and aids in ranking Belgium Christmas markets as one of the country’s best tourist destinations.


Belgium Christmas markets may not always be as massive as the first mentioned few, but its smaller-scale Christmas markets are comparable with their offerings, and notable for providing a more intimate atmosphere. Antwerp’s Christmas market in Flanders is situated next to a scenic Gothic cathedral in Groote Market. It offers a traditional ice skating rink and another ice rink especially dedicated for children, along with an activity tent. As in other Belgium Christmas markets, streets are filled with music, which give a cheerful ambiance to festive stalls that sell a wide variety of gift-worthy treats and products. Breathtaking views can be witnessed from the terraces of the Schelde riverbank.

Another Christmas village welcomes guests to its unique offerings. Durbuy Christmas Market offers an unforgettable shopping and leisure experience that are deeply-rooted in Belgian tradition. For those who wish to visit Belgium Christmas markets that offer more comprehensive glimpses of the country’s tradition—whether in terms of dishes or drinks—this Christmas Village offers several surprises to visitors.

Other Markets

Certain Belgium Christmas markets are also inclined to providing memorable trips for the young. The Winterland Hasselt, at the Kolonel Dusartplein, offers several ways of keeping kids happy with its bigwheel, fun rides, an outdoor skating rink, and several food destinations all make for an enjoyable trip and shopping venture that kids will surely love.

Photos from Flickr by Fujur, Eoghan OLionnain, Jepoirrier, Mike Towber, Frederic