Austin’s 37th Street Christmas Display

Texas is a state that has a rich history. Austin, named for the “Father of Texas” Stephen F. Austin, is also known for something else during Christmas time, Christmas lights! Austin Texas Christmas Lights are some of the most artistic, vibrant, and exciting Christmas lights that can be found in the state of Texas, especially the 37th street Christmas lights.

Christmas Attractions and Events in Austin

The premier Christmas lights display is the 37th street Austin Christmas lights display. Thousands of colorful lights are used in a dazzling Christmas display that will put a shine in any child’s eye and give them brilliantly vibrant memories of Christmas that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Adults are enamored too of the beautiful displays as they ogle the artistic brilliance and elegant beauty of the displays that welcome the holiday season with open arms.

The 37th street Austin Christmas lights display is located very close to the University of Texas campus, off of the drag, which is Guadalupe Street. The neighborhood is reminiscent of a classic Christmas neighborhood filled with all of the holiday cheer, joy, and warmth that tends to find youngsters (and the youngsters that are trapped inside of us adults) around this time of year.

The residents on Austin’s 37th street block open up the floodgates of holiday cheer and go all out, decorating their yards and houses for the Christmas season. These creative individuals don’t hold back and always create memorable spectacles that dazzle even the most hard to impress person. These wonderful displays are presented by a friendly community and they show that this is one of the things that shows that the people around 37th street are an incredible, dynamic community, one of many to be found in the Lone Star State.

If you are visiting prior to Chirstmas, but would like some help on your holiday shopping, The Christmas Affair at the Palmer Event center is perfect in November.   This is a display of hundreds of merchants al together who sell their goods to the public, on display of course are always some unique and amazingly creative Christmas and holiday gifts that are perfect for anyone on your list.

While You’re Here in Austin for Christmas

Austin is recognized as the city of music, so it would only make sense that when you are here you should stay and enjoy some sounds at the Austin Symphony.  At the symphony you are sure to get an amazing experience no matter the time of year, for Halloween there is even a special show.  If it is history that you are after take a look at downtown Austin, walking the streets is sure to teach you a thing or two.  You could go boot shopping, visit a museum or two, or just eat – Austin is one of America’s gastronomy capitals.

Where to Eat in Austin for Christmas

Speaking of gastronomy, when you are here in Austin you are going to want to eat, and there is no shortage of great restaurants in the city.

  • Guero’s Tacos – If you are looking for good eats and good drinks this is the place.  Their tacos and the cheese dip, and can be washed down with some of the best margaritas in town.
  • Uchi- A unique and interesting Asian experience awaits you at the pricy but delicious Uchi.  Some of the most creative dishes can be seen here.
  • Food Trucks: Austin has a number of food truck “pods” (i.e. a gathering) scattered throughout the city. Probably the most famous are Torchy’s tacos (multiple locations) and Flip Happy Crepes (how can you go wrong with a name like that?)

Where to Stay in Austin for Christmas

When you are deciding where you want to stay in Austin keep some of the following in mind:

  • Four Seasons Downtown Austin – one of the best Four Seasons in the chain, with a great riverside downtown location.  Don’t miss their happy hour or just cocktails any evening – they have their own award-winning sommelier, who will pour you his own blended wine!
  • Hotel Saint Cecilia- A historic and extravagant stay awaits you at this regal hotel, especially if you are laying out in a poolside bungalow sipping on cocktails.  (Only half kidding – sometimes it can be warm in December in Austin!)
  • Hotel San Jose- If you desire to spend your stay in a more urbanized hotel with plenty to see than the Hotel San Jose is perfect for you. Be sure to check out all their amenities, including their in-room manicures and pedicures.

Austin, Texas is the perfect location for a vacation during any time of year. However, if you come during the holidays you may not be able to take your eyes off the Austin Texas Christmas Lights.

All photos courtesy of jonl