Idaho’s Winter Glow: The Boise Christmas Lights

Among all the arrays of holidays, Christmas season is said to be the highlights of each year’s different celebrations. For most people, it is a time of enjoying the moments and adoration that families and close friends share with each other. Thus, spending it in a place where you can really feel the true essence and beauty of Christmas can really promote close family ties as well as establish a well bonded relationship with friends. One of these places includes the Boise Christmas Lights amazing light display. Hence, spending Christmas holidays in Boise can really make the family or friends appreciate the wonders of the place as they offer all sorts of great things to see and do.

Christmas Attraction and Events in Boise

Known to be the capital of Idaho, Boise is a wonderful place to spend Christmas holidays with. Aside from its amazing Boise Christmas lights display, night time strolls through the Botanical Garden have been favorite attraction in winter season. The gardens are decorated amazingly with the Christmas celebration holiday lights which are commonly known as the Winter Garden Glow. With nearly 2, 50,000 Christmas lights are used to illuminate the beautiful garden. Families and friends can also enjoy the different musical presentations as well as visit the famous Santa’s reindeer and roaring bonfires that keep you warm and appreciate the beauty of the holiday celebration.

Yet, for wonderful cultural experiences, you can enjoy the views at Basque Block in downtown Boise where you can find the different cultural buildings.

While You’re Here in Boise for Christmas

Although the Boise Christmas lights display is the highlight event of the town, family and friends can also enjoy the different Christmas themed train rides which can offer a unique way of cool, fun and entertainment not only for kids but also for adults. They can take pleasure in enjoying the variety of scenic views in Boise region. Its selection of options sort from the historic Thunder Mountain Line to a variety of excursions that ranges from a formal holiday Christmas dinner trip on the Horseshoe Bend route, to a festive Santa trip and North Pole Express trip, wherein people can enjoy and feel the ambiance of Christmas as the carols and stories entertain them while enjoying the taste of cookies and milk.

Since nothing could compare the joy and fun that winter season brings, your family or friends should not miss the ecstatic excitement of skiing as well as snowboarding which the Bogus Basin Ski Resort brings. Thus having this great set of good sceneries and activities can really provide you a unique way of spending Christmas that can promote both fun and bonding at the same time.

Where to Eat in Boise for Christmas

  • After enjoying the good view of the Boise Christmas lights display, sharing a good food in the table at the Le Coq Rouge will prove to be amazing. People usually fall in love with this place as its European and French cuisine touches the taste buds of its customers. Thus spending Christmas holidays having the ambiance of a true joyous celebration can surely make Christmas events unforgettable.
  • Located at the heart of Boise, the Casa-nova Pizzeria is the best restaurant for those individuals who are pizza lovers. With the variety of pizzas and sandwiches available, friends can definitely experience an ambiance of a neighborhood favorite hang out place.
  • Just like the amazing scenery that Boise Christmas lights give to their vacationers, the Good Wood Barbeque Restaurant which is located in west side of Boise, Idaho also provides the vacationers state of the art services. With its excellent grilled foods that will surely satisfy your taste buds as its flavors melt in your mouth, people will definitely desire to go back on this place.

Where to Stay in Boise for Christmas

  • Since Christmas is also a time for relaxation and family bonding, the Oxford Suites is a great place for reunions. Located at the west portion of Boise, vacationers can really enjoy the relaxing treats of wines, pool and spacious bath tubs that this place offer after spending an amazing night from the Boise Christmas lights display.
  • As for those groups of friends who wants to enjoy a cozy ambiance of Boise town, the Modern Hotel and bar is a great place for them to unwind. With its hip retro-modern theme and unique bar menu, people can surely spend their Christmas in a fun and pleasurable way.
  • The Hampton Inn Downtown Boise is good value, with clean modern rooms and a superb location near all the shops and food attractions downtown, with ample on site parking.

Celebrating Christmas in an astonishing view such as the Boise Christmas lights extravagant Christmas displays can really provide the true environment of happiness, as the light goes with the flow of Christmas carols. With good sceneries and excellent dishes as well as a unique and fun way of celebrating Christmas, it only shows that blissful moments are really the true essence of Christmas holidays.

Photos courtesy of Idaho Botanical Gardens.